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The young graduates of the department have a wide range of job fields both in Govt. and non government organizations within and outside of the country. Three of the students of the department have already joined in Bangladesh Police as Assistant Superintendent of Police and some have joined as sub inspectors. Many of the students have developed their career in relevant government organizations and a good number have joined in key national and international organizations, security agencies and working with efficiency, creativity and reputation.

Among the previous batches more than thirty students are working in renowned national and international non government organizations, fourteen are doing government jobs, more than six students are leading key positions of security companies and management, twenty-two have joined in banking sector, five of them are university teacher and more than ten are successfully doing their jobs in multinational companies. Besides, some are pursuing higher education and involved with job in abroad.

  • Opportunities:
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS)
  • Government Security Agencies
  • Research/ Consultancy Firms
  • Law Firms
  • NGOs
  • Multinational Organizations
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Prison Administration
  • Private Security Companies

Career Status of Our Graduates:

  • Government Service- 37 %
  • Private Bank- 15 %
  • NGOs and Research Organisations - 35%
  • Self Employed- 5 %
  • Looking for Jobs- 8%
    • (Generated from the results of first three batches of CPS Department)