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Research and Publications

Students of the department conduct a variety of challenging research in different semesters under the close supervision of their respective supervisors on various contemporary topics like violent crimes, property crimes, domestic and international terrorism, criminal justice system, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, trafficking, corruption, violence against women and child, migration, child labor, human rights, security and crime prevention, cyber crime etc and thus contribute to explore the nature, causes and effect of crime in society as well as country and thus recommend various preventive measures.


Key areas of research:

  • Crime and delinquency;
  • Human rights violation;
  • Contemporary social problems;
  • Law and Criminal justice system;
  • Developmental issues;
  • Policing
  • Terrorism


The key findings of the research have been publishing regularly in national and international journals, newspapers and electronic media. The department also arranges various seminars, symposium on crime related issues jointly with government and non government organizations. In addition, the notable contribution of the department is to publish yearly book on crime index of Bangladesh with the joint effort of students and teachers.